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Friday, September 24, 2010


Guest post by Jewel Cole I had the best time hiking last weekend. Although the day didn't start off so well. My friend Nique's car broke down so I had to wait an hour for her to come pick me up. When she arrived I set my home security alarm, locked the door, and we drove to Allerton Park. Living in a big city, chicago IL Adt Home Security is important for your home. If you have never hiked in Allerton Park in Monticello, IL you are missing out. This Park has great trails. The trails however are not the best thing about it. Allerton was once owned by a man that loved foreign art. This park features large stations of things such as an Indian with a bow in arrow. It also has a sunken garden with gargoyles posted on the sides of it. While hiking, Nique and I saw a lot of wild life especially since we got lost temporarily. (We finally found our way back though).We saw squirrels, snakes, and we even saw a few deer. We got really lucky that day since it was suppose to rain and it turned out to be a nice clear sunny day. After we had hiked for about two hours and found our way back, we got into Nique's car and drove back. Thank goodness it did not break down because I was really worried that it would. All in all it was a great afternoon.

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