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Monday, September 27, 2010


Guest post written by Horace Welborn Every time I go on a business trip I try to bring back something for my wife, especially since our kids are all grown up now and theyr'e not there to keep her company at home while I'm away on business. I thought I'd get her a really good present while I was there. So I asked one of my female coworkers who was on the trip with me to go with me and help pick her out a designer purse. When we were in this store I misheard her and almost bought this really bright and loud purse but then she stopped me and told me to go with a plainer leather one that she called classic. That got me thinking about my bad hearing and I looked up hearing devices on my smart phone on the way to a meeting the next day. After that I looked up hearing aid prices and decided I was going to get some when I got home as a present to my wife too. So when I got home I gave her the purse and got the hearing aids, which she both loved.

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