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Friday, September 24, 2010


Do you face a feeling of incomplete, as if you forgot something important, but are not sure what? Is there a nagging emptiness in your spirit asking to be filled? Thinking back, was there a time when you felt moved about something, but didn’t act? Was there a homeless person on the street, cold and dirty, but you didn’t stop to offer him a warm smile or a pair of warm socks? Or, maybe you saw a little child crying on a street corner, but you were too busy to take her hand and comfort her? When a lonely, chatty senior citizen wanted to regale you with his life history, did you politely short-circuit the story and get on with your business? With our busy lives...whether as business executives, mothers of small children, students cramming for exams, or church members organizing the next is easy to fall into the enemy’s trap of becoming so wrapped up in our activities that we lose sight of God’s people in need around us. Satan wants to get us so bogged down in “activities” that we miss golden opportunities of love and witnessing to the hungry, lonely and downtrodden. Jesus made it very clear how he views our responsibilities to those less fortunate. When you refused to help the least of these my brothers, you were refusing to help me. Rid yourself of that empty feeling tonight by confessing your lack of demonstration of true Christian love today and resolving to remedy the situation tomorrow...whether by lending a hand or a listening ear to a troubled neighbor, giving to a ministry to reach the isolated with God’s Word, or inviting a stranger to share church or family fellowship. The possibilities and the blessings are endless


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