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Saturday, May 22, 2010


One painful question we hear from grieving Christians is, "How can we ever stop mourning for a person who rejected Jesus until the day he died?" Indeed, what comfort is there for a Christian who has lost an unsaved loved ones...especially when sometimes, deep in the night, guilt sets in: "If I'd only witnessed more." "If only she'd/he'd seen more of Christ's love in me; she'd/he'd be with the Lord now." To those who feel guilt over neglected witnessing, we should simply remember , let the Lord be our comfort. The same Lord who made us a new person when we accepted Him and He is there to forgive all our sins. Repent of overlooked chances to witness, ask forgiveness, and ask the Lord to give us the courage to speak out more boldly from now on. Remember, we are washed clean: "...But we are washed, we are sanctified, you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God". It is the enemy who wants to keep us wallowing in guilt over past mistakes...not our Savior! As for the loved one for whose salvation we's not up to us to judge their final spiritual stand. We cannot know what goes on in a person's heart during their last minutes on the earth. The Lord is the only one with the answer. Meanwhile, we have to to regain the strength and courage the Lord wants us to have to be prepared to be a victorious witness and warrior for Him on the days ahed...


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