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Monday, May 10, 2010


During my walk on my christian life I realized some important thing about our attitude. One of humans attitude are being judgemental. Sometimes we judge our brothers or sisters, friends, thru their actions. Even young kids sometimes they would discipline their friends for some real imagined wrong "SHAME ON YOU" they would say, shaking their little fists, "HOW COULD YOU DO SUCH A THING?" Have you ever wanted to do that? Do you find yourself, wanting to shake your fist at a boss or a spouse, a friend because of some real or imagined sin in their life?
Sometimes we pointed one finger to others because of what they did wrong but we forgot that while were pointing one finger to other people , four fingers are pointing on ourselves. It means that we should discipline their wrong doings through gentle touch. I remember one instance when the two person I know (consider they are not only best friend but also like brothers). This one man who feels that he is righteous because he is a christian, he can easily judge his friend because of his past. He said some hurtful words to his friend that almost destroy their friendship. He wants to discipline his friends attitude in a harsh way because he did wrong. As christian and being spiritual once we meet someone, or anybody in our lives who are caught in a sin, we should restore them gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted" "Restore him gently..." you have to discipline a child, a friend, or any brother and sisters through HIS GENTLE LOVE. Pray to God Almighty to change him because only JESUS can change anybody perfectly.



Kayce said...

Happy mother's day to you sis!

Eric said...

We really need to pause for a while and rethink, if we're starting to judge someone.

Yo2k said...

would you link exchange with me, please

ME said...

@ Kayce..thanks for the visit sis..
@Eric..Thats true bro. sometimes we easily jump to our own conclusion and we easily judge our brother and sister with knowing them better..
@Yo2k.. Thanks for the visit. I tried to accept ur blog but its not accesible for me..
God's Blessings to all you

DORCAS said...

Very true! Thanks for sharing.



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