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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Apology to all my readers and followers of mylifestory.. I was not able to post the continuation of the due to some personal reason but now you can follow me again every monday….After few months of daily emails, communication, and my man decided to planned his visit to the Philippines to meet my family and me. I talked to my family that Mr. L.. is coming very soon. My family is not so excited about it; maybe they are worried about him, and probably not convinced that he is a good person. I mentioned it also to my best friend in work and she is excited but always reminded me what kind of life I will have with him. My best friend is almost a sister to me, our life both are open book for each other. We know each other ups and down, tears and laugh but she is there to support whatever decision I will made. September 2006 Mr L. informed me that he booked his ticket already going to the Philippines and I am so excited. In my part, I have to prepare also for his arrival. My first arrangement is to find somebody who will escort him from the plane until the arrival area so he will not experienced the hardship in immigration check. (That is how he is so important to me). I talk to my best friend about it and she mentioned to me that I need to pay some escort for him. So the night of excitement is coming… We rent a van to pick him on the airport with my two sisters. While we are in airport I am so excited and anxious what he looks like, and what I will feel when we meet in person. At 11:59 the escort guy call me informing that he find Mr L inside the plane but he do not want to go with him... Funny for sure Mr. L is probably scared heehaw... Therefore, I talked to Mr. L and told him that I sent that escort for him so he will not encounter any problem in immigration check . Finally, when our eyes meet, I almost melt where I stand. He is so cute, tall, and handsome and little bald LOL.. Overall, he is cute. He said hello to my two sisters and of course kiss for me LOL…While we travelling to my place, we feel so comfortable with our conversation. We feel that we meet already for a long time ago. I booked his hotel prior on his arrival and the next day we go directly to my house. NOTE: If you missed the whole old post about MyLifeStory click here.


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