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Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am thankful that I never been hospitalized for some serious illness. I remember back home I will asked my doctor to put me in hospital even for 24 hours just to take a leave of absence from work. Yes back home I worked so hard, and the worse thing, it's very hard to take leave even your sick. Now that I am here in the US, I've been sick maybe twice with flu and fever, I think I have allergy in changing weather. Since we got divorce I am living alone and for me this is the hardest life I ever had. A very unstable life, all aspect of my life now is very unstable, only my faith make me stronger to go on. Two days ago, I start to work in a produce packing factory. In the first day I worked 14 hours night shift and for me this the hardest part especially the whole production area is refrigerated. Back home I worked long hours too but in a managerial position. Even it is so hard I need to earn and survived after what he done to me. After I got home, I feel headache and heaviness on my body. I'm scared because I feel that probably its flu. I started to sneeze, and I feel some sore on my throat so I call the staffing office right away informing them I can't go to work the next day. And here I am suffering from bad flu and fever. The bad thing is this sickness makes me more depressed, thinking that I am alone but my Lord never forsake me. I meet this one friend a month ago, he live 15 minutes away from me. He call me and when he knows that I'm sick he is so worried he knows what I'm goin thru, and he understand how to be alone in a foreign place with nothing. He decided to bring me some medicine, at first I am not so comfortable to accept his help but I don't have choice. He's a good person anyway and he has heart to all filipino. Thank You Bill. May God Bless You. To all my friends ... Please pray for my recovery so I can go back to work..



Hi! I'm Grace said...

I am praying for you, Sis. Take ka ng Vitamin C para malakas ang resistensya mo. Kumain ka ng maayos bago pumasok. Mag-sweater ka kaya sa working place mo para hindi ka masyadong manlamig. Uminom ka rin ng mga fruit juices. Mahirap talaga magkasakit. :(

Lisa said...

I hope you're feeling better now sis. Take care and hold on to your faith. I'm praying for you. God is good and He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Laane said...

I hope you feel a bit better.
Isn't there a church community around to meet some new people?

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