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Monday, July 20, 2009


My first week in school is over. I adjust myself with all my teacher in different subjects and also to some of my classmates. Some boys always laugh at me every time I participate in recitation because of my accent. But after that week they are very nice to me already especially all those (bopol) or no brain, LOL they always want to sit beside me because they want to copy my exam papers. One time I share my answer to one of my classmate and our teacher caught us and she remind me that don’t tolerate some of my classmates, don’t be afraid of them and I asked an apology from my teacher for what happened. In the middle of the school year, I feel very confident already, I am one of the teacher’s pet (LOL) with my best friend M. We always together specially during exams. Before the class begun we always stay in a tree house in our school, reviewing all our notes for the exams and we never had envy to each other. Even some classmates told my best friend that I am a threat to her to become the first honor or valedictorian. My best friend is so humble and very understanding. Every Sunday we go to church together as what my cousin told us, we almost like gum that can’t be separated. We become the talk of our class because in every test or exam we had, we always in top if not we always have the perfect score. I enjoyed already with my school, all teacher are very supportive and the most important is I gave credit to my cousin who is supporting me on my school expenses. We joined all the extracurricular in school, like sports and even joining some declamation contest like what I am doing in the province.. At the end of the school year they announce the top 5 of the class and unfortunately I am in second place. And for sure on graduation I will be the valedictorian or salutatorian , as I promised my cousin to study hard.


Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

wow, i am glad i am able to stay longer here in your site today sis...i am able to read some of the important highlights in your life...thanks a lot for sharing it to us

Jacky said...

LOL..yes sis... follow my story.. you will read how I become stronger, and how God prepare me to experience this big storm now in my life... thanks sis..

Anonymous said...

natawa ako dun sa mga bopol, ganun talaga sila sis pag di pa nila alam yung capability mo as a student..and kita mo, kompya pa sila sayo sa mga exam nyo...

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