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Monday, July 20, 2009


I love to eat, but I hate to cook! Isn't that funny? Yes … I hate cooking. I remember back when my husband first visited the Philippines, I hired my older sister to cook for him three times a day. When I came here I tried my best to prepare food for us. Now that we have been here in the US for a while, I see all household chores here are done by ourselves. Aside from the different cook book recipes, I always browse on line to find some new cooking tips. Once while I was browsing the net, I discovered this one site which features cooking styles, tips, and various simple recipes that are being discussed by Top Chef Contestant, and working mother (Ariane Duarte). You will find on her video how easy and affordable it is to prepare food, and feed a family of four. There are several inexpensive recipes for steak dinners as well as one for ice cream. When it comes to steak dinner,.. Oh!.. for sure my husband will really love it! He often requests me to make his favorite dinner, but I’m always worried because I’m not sure if I can make it come out to be delicious. However, after I saw this video, for sure I will be much more confident to offer him my steak dinner. It’s looks absolutely delicious. So, calling all mothers and wives like me!, visit their site You Can See More Life Made Easy Videos Here and you will become a good chef in your own home sweet home.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so funny that you didn't love to cook..most of the girls like us have the talent in cooking..anyway, i know that someday you would learn on how to cook..

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