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Friday, July 10, 2009


After I left my province I am so excited to see the city. We ride ship going to Batangas City and ride car to Calamba City and because I am a certified “promdi” (means from the province) I was so amazed with all the lights and all the cars on the road. After a day living with my cousin which I consider as my poster parents, I always cried every night. I missed my mother, my sisters and brothers. Another thing is I work more in the house doing some household chores which I never did in my province because my mother always do it. One time my cousin found that I am crying , she talked to me and ask me if I want to go back to province or to stay and continue studies. At first I don’t know what I want, I told her that I still don’t know. She told me that I have to find out to myself before the enrollment which is last week of May. So I had almost one week to make up my mind. And before the enrollment I told my cousin that I want to stay and pursue my studies. We go to shopping for my needs in school. We bought school uniforms, new shoes and socks, new bags and all school supplies. I am so happy because I never had all this in my province . My cousin accompanied me to the school during enrollment. She talk to the school adviser about my situation of being transferee. They check all my credentials and I was accepted. I am so excited to the first day of class.

1 comment:

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Exciting! The thrill is on! :)

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