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Friday, July 3, 2009


Before I start blogging, my main purpose is just to express my opinions and experiences in life. To meet friends around the globe but now I blog for more interesting reason, to earn. Yes, it is true that you can earn thru your blog. We want to have our blog read and be interesting to different readers specially the advertiser. There is lot of free online tools available to bloggers to help our blogs more interesting and standout to tons of readers. There is HTML code; this is useable especially when you are promoting links or websites within your blog. There are many ways also to gain more traffic, remember higher traffic the more chances to earn. There is different free software online that will turn any images, banners into links. Aside from that, there are many free software to embed some video into your blog to make your story more interesting to the masses. One of the famous free video editing tools online is Microsoft Windows XP called Movie Maker. If you want to blog full time as a profession, you need to utilize more traffic into your blog. You can gain more traffic from visiting different blogs. There are many free pieces of software you can load on to your site that will keep track of any detail about your site traffic that you need to know. You can analyze where your traffic is coming from, and occasionally you can created material targeted for that particular region. It can help increase traffic, and it can help you understand where you need to work on increasing your blog traffic as well. In addition, most important do not forget to join the open forum in your blog community.

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