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Monday, July 6, 2009


There is a big change in my life after my second year in high school. It was summer when my cousin and her family had vacation in our province. They live in Calamba City. My cousin is very close to my father when my father is still alive. Every time my father had transported some produce from our native province he always visited, my cousin who is on that time is in her college. When she knew that my father passed, away she is very sad and she always told my mother how my father is very uncle to them. So during their vacation they had family beach outing and my mother is invited. During that time my talked to my cousin about me, (that I never knew only when my mother passed away when I ‘m in college). My mother told my cousin that she is worried about my dream to pursue my studies in college. She beg my cousin if she can take me to the city and help me for my school. My cousin agree but she told my mother that they are not rich but they will try to help me but I need to help them in household chores and and taking care of their kids. When my mother got home that day, she told me about it. First I am so excited because I want to see what’s in the city but at the same time I am sad because it will be the first time I will away with my family. My mother explained to me that if I will go with my cousin there is big chance to reach my dream to finish my school until college. At first I am hesitate but when I think about my dream I told my mother yes.. Therefore, I prepared everything I need, my transfer cards, and everything I need in school. After a week, we go back to Calamba City, Laguna with my cousin family. The next school year I was enrolled in my third year as transferee...


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Ang sarap basahin kwento ng buhay mo, sis Jacky. :) Aabangan ko ang susunod na kabanata. :)

vhingF said...

me naman first year and second year sa Looc ,Romblon then third & fourth year went back to Roxas Mindoro...hayyy buhay ..parang life..hehehehe.

because of those life we had before're tough woman this time , right? just keep going.

payatot said...

hi tita buti inabutan ko tong post mo kase di ako masyado nag online ngayon kaya sori kung may namiss akong episode sa life story mo..nasa city ka na kaya mas exciting ata ang mga susunod mong entrada...good luck...

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