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Thursday, January 1, 2009


(taken in our new year church service)
January 1, 2009 Good Morning World.Its 10:oo am. A new day,a new beg, a new hope…After of all the days in 2008, its really a shaky year for me specially on my personal life but still I give to HIM,(jesus christ the king of all Kings) he make me stronger, and more stronger I don’t even know how I survive all the trials on my life but finally the year is over.2009 is here.. After all the struggle, trials in my life for the last year, Sometimes its hard to admit whats going on in our Life, but now I'm willing to share whats going on with my life. But after the shaky year at the very end moment of the year Gods Power and Grace shines on both of us. Its only a prove that he never forsaken me , He shows how much HE loves, us. We plan to go to NYC for new year to watch "BALL DROP" to party with friends but some forces always stop us to go so We decided to stay and celebrate New years Eve in our church. And God have good reason why he wants us stay.
We arrived in the church on time for Baptismal, 5pm. The baptismal is good, I take some photos, And we praise God some souls are saved. After the baptismal there is 7Pm service, and the Grace of God start on us. We have a very good preacher, ALL of them discuss about the year that will end in any moment and about 2009 which is coming in any moment. I really enjoy the service I feel the presence of holy spirit which lift up my soul. After the service there's a dinner a big “Buffet” many foods…Yummy..Yummy. We share it with everybody, We feel very happy , I forget all the tears that I have in 2008. Everybody enjoy the foods. After that we decided to stay for 11PM service, so we just wait …chatting with some , drinking coffee ….AT 10:45 the praise song started, and this is the start of our amazing new year that I never have in my Life, this the reason why were not able to go to NYC , this is the new year that Gods gave us . We praise God, with singing , dancing, and for the first time I joined the people who dance in front LOL….And I feel very good while doing it…. And finally the service start…. Same preacher but they tackle different bible verses , but total sum , its about the new year…. I learned a lot in all verses that they discuss and I pray to God to help me to do it on this Year. Me and my Husband is very happy, I feel the pains,the heartaches, the doubts for Gods Love, because of all the trials I have in the last years is gone. I feel the true comfort from God, And its really amazing, Everybody feel the presence of the Holy Spirit specially ME. And because of this experience Its lift up my faith ….I know Gods grace and blessing is always around sometimes we cant grab it because we focus in other things and yes its true because when we get out of the door, saying happy new year, hugging, everybody ….One guy is standing there and say” Bro. if you want some bread I have truck park infront you can grab some,, Its amazing right… for me that is the very first Grace and Blessing from above, because the guy don’t announce that he will give bread, so we grab 4 packs of burger roll and bagels.LOL….and while on the car home we can't still believe the true happiness that we both experience for the first time by Praising God, and God give us gift right away, I told my husband “Really God is so good” he give us our first blessing. When we arrived home We have a shot of new wine for 2009…..And we go to bed. And NOW it’s a new day, new hope, new dream, I know there will still a struggle along the way but now I know how to fight by the help of Jesus Grace and Blessings… And I would like to thank all my friends who help me to be strong, who always there when I need somebody to talk to.
Thanks a Lot….until next Post.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Sis. Jacky, I am so happy while reading your post. I'm glad 2008 was over and we are now facing a brand new year with a hope that all is well in God's grace.

Babette said...

Hello Jackie, Happy new year to you and your husband. I hope this year will be a good one for everyone.

joytoy said...

It's good to hear that everything is fine with you now. I'm very happy for you and keep praying for your happiness and success. God bless my friend.

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