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Thursday, January 8, 2009


After sometimes every motorist is very happy about the lower cost of fuel. We experienced this every time we visit my in laws in NYC, the last time we visit them we consume almost half of fuel amount compare to the time that fuel prices are really high. But now I can see in many fuel pumps station that the price of fuel is jumping up again. So we need an economical vehicle. No worries folks because Land Rover is just announcing the launching of one of the most greenest and most economical vehicle called, Freelander. This new amazing car is being developed with the latest and new technology to any carbon dioxide and very economical now a days that fuel is jumping up again. So aside from it is very economical and practical in our pocket, we can help to have a greener environment. So have your dream car at Freelander.

1 comment:

eegxo said...

yup!! nice car.
imagine when you go all around the world any terrain. this freelander will just accompany you. such a though car..

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