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Friday, January 9, 2009


One of my new year resolution is to Lose Weight. But there are so many question? How I will lose weight? What is the good way? Diet Pills? Exercise? But I try all of this already and nothing happens. I'm so desperate already. I gained too much weight compare to my average weight. And my husband told me to try the so called YOGA. This is a good way not only to loss weight but all the workouts will relax your body, mind and your spirit. Its build strength, increase your body flexibility, and lose weight. And the first time I try it. I love it, i feel very relax and not only my body but also my mind. But there is one problem arise, Its hard to do yoga without the so called YOGA MATS. So I surf online to find this MAT this is so affordable and very handy to use.This special mat is designed to provide a comfortable surface. This can be use also on a hard floor. Because of its handy string attach you can carry your mat anywhere. You can roll out it to stored in a minimal storage.This mat can be use also in aerobic. Its very practical to have this special yoga mat. So if you want to try YOGA you must try also this special YOGA MATS.


Imelda said...

yeah yoga is great with that mat. i would love to try it one day.

Kath said...

I'd love to lose weight too. I gained 5 pounds over the holidays!

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