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Friday, November 21, 2008


WE are been stranded in Youngstown ,Ohio today. At 3pm we headed home. And the weather is not so bad. So were glad because we want to be home after one week of being on the road.
And after 30 minutes my husband feel the road is so sleepery and the weather is so bad. It's totally white out. We can't almost see the road and I feel a little bit afraid and scared.
SO after a while we are talking if we will continue travelling, because its very dangerous, And finally my husband decide to turn around and go back to the nearest welcome center in Youngstown, Ohio and We hope the snow will stop so we can be HOME...
Thank God I have internet connection here and it ease my boredom... SO folks ....BE CAREFUL IN DRIVING IN ICY ROAD...


Shawie said...

oh my God, that really looked so dangerous to go on driving...hope you came home safe:) happy weekend!

vhing said...

wow!snow!..only once i step on snow it was 6yrs ago....he he he he
have a nice weekend .

Jacky said...

thanks...were still but the road is clear already so we start heading home..

D said...

Yikes! It must have been a scary drive. Hope you are alright.

Anonymous said...

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I am Harriet said...

Wow. We missed it in Ill.
Of course, Jan is just around the corner.

Anna said...

I live about an hour from where you were and though Friday was bad, Tuesday was even worse! Glad you're safe and sound at home!

Imelda said...

sounds exciting to me to see snows coz i havent seen one in my entire life (although i imagine the frozen ice in my fridge as snows, lol) but i was scared of both of you to travel in that hazy raod. glad ur safe home.

Babette said...

Hi Jacky, I'm always nervous when driving in the snow, especially when it is just starting and they haven't cleared out the road. It is very slippery and hard to stop. Even though my SUV has 4x4 I still am nervous.

Jacky said...

same here sis.... I'm not driving yet. But I feel very scared on that time. specially when my husband asking the sign read the sign, because he want to turn around in some exit and go back to service plaza, but i cant see either the sing because its full of snow. And thank God finally we got off.. Actually not only us turn around but many people in the welcome center do the same.

Maria said...

Hi Jacky, I am Pinay too from Chicago. I know the snow is coming to us. Usually Nov. 24 or before thanksgiving. But not too bad because we leave in the City which not that bad. But be safe.

Jacky said...

sis its really bad.. but from youngstown to detroit were we live, we have to pass cleveland and according to my hubby in cleveland there is lake snow effects, so that night is completely white out.

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