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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Its a quite boring, snowy day. Were here at service plaza in Youngstown, Ohio. Thanks we have AT&T connection here at least I can sit down on my laptop at the same time checking some of my husband photos during his first visit in the Philippines. And its so funny because when he is in the Philippines for 2 months he stay in the house with my aunt because I'm working. So that time I hire my sister to cook for him in daily basis. This is one of his regular meal, she make a simple fried tilapia and my husband don't know what is tilapia, he's not even aware that it exist also here in america. He thought its a "free historic animal". Can you beleive that.
But after I came here and first time i go to WALMART i find some tilapia in a big package (but its frozen not like tilapia in Pinas usually fresh and still alive). and I introduce it to my husband. And finally we always buy tilapia here and he love it.
{Sorry I cut it in a wrong way...LOL)


MsRay said...

I always buy tilapia in the Filipino supermarket here. The fish is also available in the regular supermarket. There's a large Asian population here in Hawaii so Asian food is very common. My husband prefers it fried although he also eats it grilled and in a sinigang.

Jacky said...

hahahha... i love it too sis.But we always get it from walmart and usually its frozen...

Amor said...

Ako rin fave ko ang tilapia. Like it better when fried and grilled.

Jacky said...

yes. sinabi mo pa.. lalo pag medyo crispy and hot..yummy talaga.....

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