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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My husband and I use the internet at home. My husband always complained when our internet became slow. He thought it had to do with us both using the internet at the same time. My husband uses the internet more than me. He works on a lot of things online, downloading music, videos, and movies. We needed a faster internet connection that would not give us headaches. We both needed faster internet connections to be able to work heavy loads at the same time.
No worries, Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps service is the fastest Internet speed in the St. Louis market, and one of the fastest of all in the US . This speed will enable the users to use the Internet in playing games, watching movies, telecommuting with mega-files and much more with very high-speed. Not only that, currently available in St. Louis , Ultra60 will be rolled out to other areas along with other high-speed internet products throughout 2009. Charter’s Ultra60 Mbps is the first Phatband Speed that Charter will be rolling out. It has the speed that will enable users to use the internet in multitask jobs. For sure you will love Ultra60 for its speed of 60Mbps, The Internet is a completely different experience. You can multitask like my husband did. Don’t waste time with slow internet connections. Take advantage of their special offer by visiting the Ultra60 Information Page. Visit Charter’s Twitter Feed also and find out what other users say about Phatband Speed.

1 comment:

VENKAT said...

For coming from out the problem one must know the speed of the Internet then use the Connection.For example use the speed test site For knowing the speed of the Connection and then use the Connection in the home.U must check the speed of the Internet in the Office of the Connection provider itself.

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