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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


FIRST STORM IN MY LIFE After my father arrived from other town, he visits my grandparents. He visited our copra’s. He joined his friends in my grandparents house drinking coconut wine(we call it tuba) and when he go home he bring some food for us. At midnight my father feel stomach ache that make my mother panic. My older sister call our neighbor for help to bring my father in the hospital. My older brother ran to my grandparents house (my father parents) to let them know what happen. Everybody come to our house and helping to bring my father to the hospital. In our small town, there is only one public hospital, only in the town proper. They take my father to the hospital, and only my older sister and brother go with them. My mother had 2 months old baby, my youngest brother. The next day come nobody knows what’s happen to my father. Nobody come home from the hospital so we have our regular routine, prepare and go to school. At around nine in the morning, we just finished our flag ceremony in school my auntie showed up in my classroom door. She is talking to my teacher and she is crying. After a while, my teacher told me that I need to go home with my other older sister. My older sister who is in the same school was in Grade V. Therefore, we go out the room with my auntie. Both my sister and auntie are crying, my sister understand already what is going on. I am only 7 years old, let us say do not know anything about life. When we got home, there are many people in the house. A typical scenario in a province when somebody died (we call it burol). Everybody is crying, all my relatives are crying. Myself, my younger sister which is 4 years younger than me, we are just looking around to all the people who are coming and go. For what I remember, I never cried during the death of my father. I think I am too young to understand the situation. And after the burial of my father our life’s changes.


Nanaybelen said...

Hi Jacky so sorry for the death of your father. Me too i was grade six when my father got an instant death due to cardio vascular accident.

payatot said...

medyo malungkot ang buhay mo pala nung kabataan mo...susndan ko ang mga isusulat mo pa..good luck

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