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Friday, May 29, 2009


After the burial of my father, the house is like an empty house. My mother are so upset and most of the time she is crying my older sister and brother are the same. I don’t know why I can’t cry. Maybe I still don’t feel the pains from the death of my father or maybe I was born to be a strong woman. My mother start to manage everything I know that it is very hard for her to handle everything especially she don’t have too much experience in dealing all those things. My mother start to works on fields, and every night I saw her crying. We start to sold some of our cows, goats on the farm to use for living. We are so thankful on that time because my grand parents (father side) are so supportive. Everyday they visit us and especially my grand father. He is a very nice LOLO(grand father). After some months my father passed away, my grand mother convince me to stay with them. I love to be with my grand mother, she is very lovable woman, and very kind. My grand parent love us all, especially they love my father so much. I enjoy my stay in grand parents house. They support me all my needs in school. My grand mothers love to buy me clothes everytime I have some program in school. From my very young age, I put in my mind I have to finish my studies no matter what. So I study hard. I get my very first honor award in elementary. My mother is so happy with me. Because it makes me more eager to have more honors, medals on the next school year.


I am Harriet said...

Congratulations on working so hard Jacky.

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Sad to hear this sad story sis.... I know exactly how hard it is missing someone you'll never see and touch again..but the pain made you strong to the point of achieving something you have longed for...

payatot said...

hi tita, siguro ay matatag lang ang loob mo at your age...mabuti naman at naging supportive ang mga lolo at lola sa inyo...

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