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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Because we are created in the image of God, we have a free will just like Jesus did, complete with the opportunity to move with Him against the enemy. What powerful potential for a victorious life is our inheritance through the will! With free will we have all we need to honor and glorify God. We can cut off the dictates of the flesh to walk in the perfection of the spirit, choosing to serve and obey God, leaving behind all that does not honor Him. Jesus, tempted by Satan in the wilderness is an example of the human will’s potential for good over evil. Satan gave Jesus an opportunity to exercise His will for the things that would appeal to the carnal nature of any person whose will is not submitted to the will of God. But, glory be to God, Jesus chose the higher way and was as victorious over Satan’s plan of destruction as we can will to be! And Jesus answered and said to him, Get behind Me, Satan! For it is written... (Luke 4:8). You don’t have to be pushed around by Satan. God has given us all that we need through His Word and our will, but it starts with a desire to walk and will as Jesus did. Jesus couldn’t be conquered because He was predetermined to use His power through the Word, “It is written...” Jesus gave us this same free will to defeat Satan’s plans for your destruction and find peace and contentment. We can utilize this power by knowing God’s Word, lining up our lives by His commandments, and asking Him for the strength to live by those convictions. God has given you the power to choose!..


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