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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Do you desire to serve God in the special way you feel He’s calling walk where He leads you knowing He has plans to use you? But, do you find yourself wondering, “Who am I, Lord? How can I, Lord?” instead of saying, as Isaiah did, Here am I; send me.” (Isaiah 6:8)? It is natural to feel both exuberance and fear in the face of God’s call, but what you are in yourself should not be your consideration. When God calls you to speak or act for Him, you don’t have to invent your message or choose your listener. When God calls, He enables. It is by His plan, in His strength, and by His Spirit that we accomplish His will! Jesus, tempted by Satan in the wilderness is an example of the human will’s potential for good over evil. Satan gave Jesus an opportunity to exercise His will for the things that would appeal to the carnal nature of any person whose will is not submitted to the will of God. But, glory be to God, Jesus chose the higher way and was as victorious over Satan’s plan of destruction as we can will to be! He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it. God knows your inadequacies and inexperience, but still He chooses to call you. He uses willing vessels, and it is by your willingness that He receives the glory. Your weaknesses magnify His strengths. He will fill your mouth when you are speechless. Follow God’s marching orders and claim His wisdom, anointing, power and manifold blessings – all are yours when you obey the Master’s call...


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