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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Long time ago I came to my friend , crying desperately, saying that my present situation was more than I could endure. I had been put in a hard place and wanted an immediate way of escape. Are you in a hard place today? Are you asking yourself, as I did before? what possible glory God could derive from such a devastating experience? Let me encourage you with the answer my friend gave me. I know it was a word from the Lord because it set me free and gave me the peace I was lacking. She encourage me to use these words as a key to healed my own hard place. She told me, “Just because it’s a hard place, don’t be so sure that God didn’t allow you there for a purpose. You cannot see God’s whole plan now, but be sure that He has a beautiful purpose to unfold. You may not know what He is preparing you for, but you dare not miss it.” Think about how dark a mine is – as dark as the hard place you are now in—yet, it has the capacity to produce the most brilliant of gems. Just like the mining process, our hardest trials can produce our dearest treasures" God is starting to show that dearest treasures in my LIFE..


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