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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am often reminded of the words to the song that go: “What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear...” There are times in life when each of us has felt quite friendless, and this song is a precious reminder that when we feel abandoned by the friendship of others. Jesus is always our Friend, no matter what. One time my friend asked me why the Lord is so real and so close to me. I really don’t know how to answer that because I cannot remember not knowing Him and not having the experience of having the Lord to call on, just as you would call on a good friend. Sometimes I feel so down, so depressed and feel so much anger in the middle of the night.. some human friends are sleeping already and I can't talk to them. To whom I ran to... only to Jesus he is always awake to hear me, to hear my cries, to listen to everything I said. I don’t know how to define in words how very real and close He is to me. If He were standing by my side in person, He couldn’t be any more real to me than He already is. I feel His presence. He is my Friend in day and night, in richer and poorer, in happiness and sadness. Sometimes I don't deserve to be his friend, his child but he never ignored me. When people can’t be trusted, when people disappoint us, Jesus is there ready to be a Friend to us. His friendship is like no other. His is a friendship wrought in blood, a friendship that can never fail. Yes, Jesus wants to be more real to us than any human friend will ever be. You see, He laid down His life for us, and He calls us ,FRIEND.......I AM SO GLAD HE IS MY FRIEND.....


1 comment:

Dhemz said...

hi te...musta na po..hope all is well...miss to hear from you...ingat po lagi....:)

btw, hope you can join my giveaway contest!

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