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Monday, June 8, 2009


It is Monday once again, here is the continuation of ...
I am so excited on my first day in school. My grandmother bought some school supplies like bags, papers and my slippers (we use slippers or shoes during that time in the province). High School is far from our place, it is on the other barangay, so every morning we walked approximately a hour before we get into the school. The first week is full of excitement, but after months, I feel it is tiring to walk every day. Some people ride motorcycle but for me I cannot afford to pay for transportation.(note: motorcycle only is the available means of transportation in my small town on that time). Sometimes I want to stop going to school, but my mother always remind me that she believed in me , that I will reach my dreams if I had the patience and dedication. Every day is always a new day for me. Sometimes I go to school with only rice on my lunch box. I really love to study. On high school days, even I am a simple student, my teacher likes ME as we call it teacher’s pet. Yes .. Especially when I joined some extracurricular in school. During my first year day, I am one participant in declamation contest and I got the second place. I remember the piece that I had, title Have Mercy on Me. This is the story of a blind man who wants to survive by himself. He never lost hope and faith to God. My declamation piece gives me boost to be stronger, and make me more perseverance to reach my goal to have my college diploma. It helps me develop my faith in God, starting that moment I told myself, POVERTY IS NOT A HINDRANCE TO SUCCEED. I finish my first year in high school with honors, and my mother is so happy with, and she said I am done with the first step and I have to study hard on the next step which is my second year high school.


payatot said...

medyo gumaganda na story mo ngayon tita jacky, sinusundan ko sya talaga...

I am Harriet said...

Nice work Jacky!

Maus said...

hello jacky musta na?
ganda ng kwento mo parang kwento ko din hehehe
hirap talga ng mahirap ano?!..
anyway we strive hard just to reach our goal...success in life..
godbless and thanks sa pagdaan.

chubskulit said...

I've gone through a lot like you Jacky.. Actually my believe=f is "Poverty can help you reach your ambition...if you know how to persevere and work for it"

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