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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


After the death of father, everything changed. Our farm animals are sold one by one. I witnessed that hard life for my mother. As years passed, I witnessed how my mother dealing with our life. Every day, after she came home from farming, I always saw her crying. Every time my older sister asked her she just nod her head. In my young age, I start to dream not only for myself but also for my family. I continued to bring honor to my mother every year in school. One day I heard my mother, my older sister, and older brother talking. They telling my mother, they want to stop schooling because they want to help her in the farm. I remember I am the only one who does not want to work on the farm. I prefer to stay at home, reading my notes even Saturday (studios kuno), but really I am. In my young age, I dreamed to somebody, someday. Therefore, I start to study hard. After a year, my older sister got married in a very young age of 16 I think. I know, she did it because she wants to escape the hardship of our life. My older brother, work in the nearby city. Only my older sister, two younger siblings, and I stay with my mother. My mother is always happy every graduation day, she always come up to the stage to pin some ribbon and medals for me. On my graduation day in elementary, my mother is so happy and at the same time sad. Happy because she come up to the stage for nine times. Yes, nine times (medals, ribbon, special awards, and best mathematician after I win the provincial quiz bee). She is sad also, because, my mother is not sure what will happen to my dream after the graduation. However, my dream do not stop on that moment, instead that is the beginning of new dream for the next part of my life. I attended my high school in government school. It is free so not so much problem. So when my first day in high school come….

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HOMER said...

So this is part 4 woah! got to read the first 3!

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