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Friday, April 10, 2009


Yamaha is a prestigious company when it comes to sports like motorcycling and other motorsports. Occasionally they launch a new product that gets you to stare and scratch your head. This product is one of those oddball vehicles that just didn’t sit right with me even at first sight. It is The Yamaha Rhino ATV. ATV's have numerous roll over risks. Some injuries are so severe that limbs have required amputation. Some children have been seriously injured and even killed, as passengers involved in these ATV accidents. The Yamaha Rhino (SXS) ATV is a side-by-side vehicle, where the driver and passenger sit next to each other. These types of off road vehicles are considered less dangerous than traditional ATVs or “quads”, but as more Rhino-related injuries and deaths mount, it is clear that this is not necessarily the case. The Rhino and other side-by-side ATVs have a higher center of gravity, are narrower, and have a narrow wheelbase, all of which contribute to their propensity to easily rollover. Occupants of these vehicles often do not have the protection of metal surrounding them because the vehicles are open on the sides and top. Even the new doors and handholds offered by Yamaha do not fully protect the people in the vehicle. Some of the serious injuries that have been recorded are… Broken and Fractured Bones, Legs, Arms, Collarbones, Ankles, etc. If you are one who has suffered from injuries or related deaths, be comforted. This product is under recall! So if you need legal advice about this recall visit their site Yamaha Rhino Rollover, they offer legal services, and free consultations. You may have a Rhino rollover Injury case.
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