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Friday, April 10, 2009


Hello Paid Entrecard Advertisers. Just to let you know my Entrecard dashboard is over loaded already. At first I accept all of them without any hesitation but the next day when I loged in I saw the number of paid adds are more than the first day so I ignored all of them for a while. Wondering what was going on, I checked to see if it was only happening to me. While visiting some blogs I read too much writing about these entrecard issues. Now I am thinking about if I will accept all of them or not. I gave myself some time to think, and finally I decided to reject all paid adds. Sorry guys…. I am going back to my old ways of dropping EC.


Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Naku sa akin din te...minsan nkakainis na...i declined all paid ads and approved the regular blog advertisers

Ask Ms Recipe said...

I am with you I decline paid ads also,but if you notice they still put them on. I guess no means yes to entrecard.They are not playing fair I have several entrecard waiting to advertise, and they keep putting the pay ads on.

Ms Recipe

badet said...

I'm quite confused with their rules about paid ads and non paid ads. I stopped approving paid ads too.

payatot said...

hmmm, parang may mali naman ngayon ano? di ako pamilyar sa ganyan e kaya no comment po ako

vhingF said...

two days ago I stop approving paids ads..hmmp ,,,bahala cla dyan .nawawala bumabalik the next day,it says just approve it within 24hrs so...hinahayaan ko na lng .

unfair talaga some are not dropping even they are alraedy in my blog...bweeee .

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