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Monday, December 21, 2009


Every day I am so excited to open my emails and to have some sweet notes from my mahal . A letter full of different promises (most of them never happen). As our relationship grow fonder, we know each other more or less. We share our up and downs, our beliefs about marriages and faith. I told him all my happy and sad story of my life, all the ups and downs before I reach the place where I am in that time. All my perseverance being an orphan kid who strive and work hard to help my younger siblings, the up and downs of my love life. At the same time he shared with his ups and down when it come to his love life’s. He is a Christian (quoted as devoted as what he say) and I am so happy and glad to find a true man of God even in my mind there is curiosity why in the world this man of God was failed for 2 marriages already. I ignored this thinking and willing to know him better. After he told me that all what happen is all mistake of the wives, and I believed it,. But never come into my mind that whatever he complained about his ex wives is the same he complained about me to some women. (stay tuned to know the story behind in the middle). Our relationship is pretty good. Anytime he send me messages that he is in, I have to wake up anytime of the night just to talk to him. Almost every day I received email, from him, in every emails we have different promises to each other. The most memorable and maybe the most I love is his promise (quote) I WILL GIV YOU A GOOD LIFE THAN WHAT YOUR HAVE). For me it’s a bonus because I know I have a comfortable life already before I meet him. In returned my promise is so silly and maybe stupid that when I was not able to do it,, It become a big issue in the end. (stay tuned). My promises are , we will exercise, we will swim, I promise to love his parents as my own which I did.. because I always dreaming to experience how to have parents,(note. I lost both my parents when I am young) and to be a submissive plain housewife(this is my ultimate dream a plain housewife) Day pass and pass until he deiced to made his plan visiting my country.. And this is more exciting..stay tuned ..until next Monday.

1 comment:

IamNoOne said...

Hi jacky dear, just got this opportunity now to pass by your blog. I hope to catch up with your life story posts next year, when things are a bit in order na for me:)

Merry christmas to you and to your family as well.

Btw, I have tagged you in my post. You can find it here :)

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