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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Before we meet me on June 2006, he had a friend a Chinese computer guy, they are close and this guy know him so well, this Chinese guy know most of his lifestory. In their conversation they talk about marriages and this Chinese guy told him that “IF YOU WANT A GOOD WIFE FIND IN THE PHILIPPINES” that he don’t have any idea about Philippines where is it, how safe to travel in this country. When I told him that I was from the Philippines he remember what the Chinese guy told him, and he start to make a research about my country. He search how safe is my country, what kind of religion we have in my country. He become more interested to have correspondence with me. On that month we start, exchanging emails, knowing each other. As the day pass by I always excited to go home from work to check my emails, and of course his sweet nothing..LOL with matching pictures. As we become close to each other, we become open to talk serious matter. About all our past, about all our future dreams, and what we want to be , and to have in the future. Ever since, after all what I have the only dreams that I want is to have my own family, To have a loving and god fearing man that will value a family most next to God. Family is valuable for me. We agree in many things we want in our life especially when it comes to family beliefs. In spite of the truth that divorce is rampant in US, even in Christian World, we both don’t believe in divorce and that is one “pogi points for me”. Every day we exchange different stories that we had every day. We become more closer and closer to each other even physically we are 8000 miles away.(to be continued..stay tuned)

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