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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I cannot remember a time when Christ has not been faithful to me. I could sit and tell you hour after hour the wonderful ways in which He has shown His love. He has been my constant Companion when I dont have anybody beside me. God is always with me when I dont have nothing. I remember when I kneeling down beside my bed one night having devotions and saying, "Lord, I know You have Your hand on me for service. I don't know where You want me to serve You or how; but whatever it is, I am willing to do it." I also cried out from my heart to the Lord that night. "Even if it means being alone, I am willing to be alone." I was that committed to being in His will. The Lord has never, for one moment, failed me in any way. He has been Friend, Comforter, and my Source of joy and strength. Yet, the Lord is faithful and He will strengthen (you) and set you upon a firm foundation and guard you from the evil (one). Be faithful to your commitment to Him. Honor Him with your life, be obedient to His Word and sensitive to His voice, and He will be faithful to meet all your needs and bless you abundantly...



Crystal Mary said...

So true, God Bless you.

Part Time Jobs said...

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kcatwoman said...

i appreciate the fact that this post is different from others.. inspirational..

which is why i;d like to know if i can link up with you in my new blog?

hope it;s okay!

ME said...

ok sis... im glad u like my blog... sorry I am so busy and I never update my blog but now hopefully i will have enough free time to do it again

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