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Friday, October 23, 2009


Our love story is so funny because my husband was married for two times, and he is so honest about it, and base on his story all the ex wives are not good and they are the reason why their marriage don’t last. When I mention it to my office mate,  she told me that it’s a strange situation because any person especially if you are a Christian and you failed more two or three times, its seems like something wrong with his mind. At first I think about what she said to me, and I told her that I will believe him if he’s willing to fly 8,000 miles just to meet me and my family. SO our story continue, emails, many promises to each other, I promise simple things that I never thought that It will be a big issue for our divorce. I promise him that we will do the excursive together (by the way he is little bit fat that’s why) I promise him that I will love his parents like mine. And he promise me that he will gave me a good life, good life than what I have in my country. For me material things is nothing, I been there in that situation, I can buy whatever I want, I can book my vacation if I want, I can help my family all the way that’s my life in the Philippines. So when he promise me that he will gave me a good life better than what I have already is a bonus for me. After communicating for almost 4 months he decided to fly to the Philippines. Sept 17, 2006, I feel everything for his coming, I paid some immigration guard to guide him from the airplane until the waiting area where we stay with my family. The first time I saw him my heart beats so loud, and I feel that this is it,,, the feeling is so unexplainable. (he’s like a special person with escort from the plane) I don’t want him to experience the hardship passing the immigration check. But the only sad reason is the next morning from the hotel we will going to my house, he found out that he lost his phone so he feel so upset but after some calls to his ATT phone company in US everything is OK. So he start his vacation life in the Philippines…



Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Sis, salamat sa kwentuhan natin kanina. Sayang nga lang at naputol tayo. :)

Angela said...

Is it possible to send me the post you wanted me to read, I couldn't find it, ((hugs))

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