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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Ahhhhh!!!!!! a good smell of coffee every cold morning. But we have to be aware of what kind of sugar were going to use. And I will recommend a good one sugar . Xylitol Crystals .What is Xylitol? is as sweet as sugar without the calories and can be substituted one for one in place of cane sugar. When substituting xylitol for sugar, you just need small amount of it. Xylitol's contain high fiber consuming more than 12 grams in one meal can yield a laxative effect to varying degrees. Its not only for your hot coffee in the morning but this Xylito crystal also can be use in some recipe that need a little taste of sweetness. When substituting xylitol for sugar in some recipes, add more liquid as xylitol doesn't caramelize and can tend it more drier. So you can save more instead of you use more sugar just a small amount of Xylitol's is enough. SO try this new sugar in any food or drinks that needs sweetener.

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