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Sunday, February 1, 2009


If you remember my old post about our first blessing (free 6 packs of bagels/bread) on January 01. And now before the first day of this month we get another blessing (free cakes). Yes... 3 boxes with 6 cakes inside. Maybe you will wonder how it happen. Okay friends here's the story. While my husband is on the road one driver of a reefer full of 3 tier wedding cake layers talking on his CB radio asking anybody wants a free cake? And some of the drivers answer back (one is my husband) where he park his truck. And after some talk back and forth, my husband went to the parking lot where the reefer park. And the driver just given away a file of cakes. My husband got 3 boxes only.
Actually in this picture we ate already one small piece. And it is really good with coffee. So we planned to bring some cakes in the church to distribute. And we are very thankful that God always have something for us. He never forsake us even in the times of trouble. I wish we can share this free cakes with coffee to all of you.


Manang Kim said...

Hi Maria I was blog hopping and came to your site. I just can't resist not to say anything here hehe. The cake is just too yummy to look at and you are right it is a blessing. How many miles is my place to yours?? You can send the blessing to Michigan (joke)hehehehe. Keep warm.

Manang Kim said...

Goodness sorry I call you maria I don't know your name yet geez I am so embarassed. Sorry about that.

Maria said...

And sarap naman nito. Anong name mo ate? Maria or Jacky? I got confused. I miss you visiting my blog. I want your opinion in my new post. thanks.

Babette said...

Wow Jacky, just slather on some icing and this can be a real wedding cake. You can freeze the rest, cakes keep well in the freezer. Thanks for visiting. :)

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